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Originally Posted by Stankia View Post
Um, Hospitals?
AND the discussion comes full circle, cuz we're back to talking about hospitals. LOL

Originally Posted by ThE GrEAt OnE View Post
That's because it was written for a British publication. It is not the sensational bullshit found in American tabloids, I mean newspapers. The perfect example of what I just said is the NY Post a few days ago showing the 58 year old man moments before his death.
Have you been living under a rock? Have you not seen/heard/absorbed via osmosis the hubub about British "news" publications hacking cell phones and emails of celebrities, average Joes and crime victims all in the name of putting a sensational story out there?

I could go on for many pages about crappy journalism in the US, but lets not pretend that we have the monopoly on it.
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