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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
I agree about the interior, it's stunning. I think the rear bumper may be the worst part of the car though. On its own it looks fine, like in the picture from the other thread. Coupled with the car and I feel it is just so far from flowing in any way...

I didn't like the E60/E90 generation of BMWs generally but the E92 was and is the standout. I don't think the E92 was cookie cutter. It was a trend setter. The LCI E90 M3s look mean too, I'd put them as a close 2nd.

Edit: Never mind the front bumper is worse. They're in close competition though...
honesty, i know this is the e90 but i don't think you could find a worse bumper than this one

at least the 4 is as aggressive as the rest of the car, where this is just... clunky bumpy and looks like a lego car.

the bumpers are a bit extreme, and i am still adjusting to the newer styled bumpers. since the e30, the m/mtech bumpers always has the same exact look, one big air duct, one to each side with integrated fog lights. it was perfect, but with the new style, i am a firm believer that they made this car look almost as good as it can. if anyone could think of a better design, i seriously would love to see it, i'm not saying that in any b*tchy kinda of way either.

and lets be honest, until you see the final 100% finished product, IN PERSON... all criticism should be kept to a minimum. Given what i'm looking at, this is my next car.
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