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Yeah but your getting ahead of yourself a bit. I have no first hand experiance with the process myself because I'm not a sot. I do however have plenty of experiance with them.

I believe you need to hold a valid FFL for something like 3 months before you can apply to be a class III dealer or manifatuer. I would actually become a manifactuer myself because IIRC its the same cost only difference is you could build them if you wanted.

The problem is ATF wants you to have a store front for your standard FFL, I dont believe they will allow a home operation. When you start doing class III you can do it out of your home then. Mine does it in a small shed in his back yard.

You will open yourself up to inspections any time of the day or night and your security and bound books better be 100%

The way to make it a valid business is stock a few cans and undercut all your local dealers on transfer fees. Around here they transfer for $75- $200 per transfer.... do $50 or so and you will have all the business.

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