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DUDE!!!!! Take a look at this

Forget all the commentary and focus on:

How long it takes to get the old cabs off (about 10 minutes including the bolts)
and how long it takes to put the new cabs on (about another 10 minutes including the bolts).

(You can buy the fcabs complete. Cheaper than paying someone to piss about on a bench cleaning the old ones up)

Add another 10 minutes for chit chat and banter and you have half an hour.

If you want to pay someone $1000 for that then go ahead.

You DO NOT need an alignment by default. Once the cabs are on then go back and have it done if the steering is wobbling or pulling to one side.
But you don't necessarilly need it doing. In any event a wheel alignment doesn't cost a grand either.

Get a quote for the fcabs only.

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