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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
I'm at 241K and I don't have my love kit in the trunk anymore!

OP...I'm in NJ...don't know where you are...but if it's close(ish) and the schedule permits, I'd be happy to have a look at the car with you...unless you know enough to do a PPI yourself.

I used to drive to school in St. Louis also...20 hour drive or you need to make sure the important things are taken care of...and, I don't believe anyone mentioned subframe.

You don't want to buy a $2500 that needs $2-4,000 work to ensure your rear axle doesn't fall off. Subframe. Also, make sure the car wasn't raped before too badly--suspension, engine 'upgrades,' or too much in the way of electronic gimmickry.
I might take you up on that offer in 1.5 weeks dmax! The car is in Bayonne and I'm in a town near Parsippany.

I'm just hoping that the bushings on this car are fine with no immediate clunking. I only have 2 weeks back from school before I need to go back so I can't DIY it myself. In the summer, I"ll have plenty of time to do all the work on the car. To spend $300 in bushings after 6 months of driving is fine for me.
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