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Originally Posted by Lair View Post
If the rich are going to whine about taxes and healthcare, and try to hide all their money while moving to another country to escape paying their fair share, then yes.

Fvck 'em if they think extortion is patriotic. They can all eat shlt.
A lot of them have already payed multiples of what their 'fair share' would be.

I'm not sure how you consider moving funds into a tax haven extortion. I would think you're actually avoiding being extorted by the government in this case because more than likely, the money is going to be squandered and misallocated. In many ways, I would feel better using my money as toilet paper than giving it to elected politicians to play with

Originally Posted by evolved View Post
My clients have been taking gains in an effort to rebalance on the cheap, so to speak. It's important to point out, however, that they aren't going to cash or FI, they're buying back into similar sectors/exposures.
Maybe it's just the investor circle I have or the community I'm part of because a lot of people I know are pulling out in favor of cash over the next few months

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