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Originally Posted by tock172 View Post
A lot of them have already payed multiples of what their 'fair share' would be.

I'm not sure how you consider moving funds into a tax haven extortion. I would think you're actually avoiding being extorted by the government in this case because more than likely, the money is going to be squandered and misallocated. In many ways, I would feel better using my money as toilet paper than giving it to elected politicians to play with

Maybe it's just the investor circle I have or the community I'm part of because a lot of people I know are pulling out in favor of cash over the next few months
He doesn't get it. He doesn't understand that moving your business to Ireland, a nation with a good workforce and 12% corporate tax makes for good business. Like I said, my family is friends with a few rich people, some of them billionaires. They got their money from Russia. As a result, they move their money around where it best suits them and their company. He has a tough time understanding that he would be living in a box if it wasn't for the rich.
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