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Originally Posted by pauljcl View Post
Thank you so much. Yes, I have SOS but I always thought - and believe I was told - that I did not have Bluetooth. I am going to have to read up on it - how to activate and set-up and see whether I have it and it works..... Great! Really great! Thank you again!
Can you tell me how to IM you instead of taking up everybody's space here?
Paul - pauljcl
Paul...just send private message above.
1st you need to know your PIN# for the car. Should be on a card in you owners manual unless that was given to you. If that be the case, you'll need to locate the COP unit in the trunk & it should be on it (4 digit#). The COP is located on drivers side behind the carpet cover, mounted on the back of the back seat. Let me know when you get your pin & we'll go from there. Do you have the phone/bluetooth manual?
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