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Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
Without disagreeing with any of your conclusions, let's get real. BMW does not list 'reinforce rear subchassis mounting points by dropping entire rear end out and welding in Turner Motorsports steel plate kit' either. Nor 'replace window regulators regularly' because we refuse to redesign a deficiently engineered part.
Certain design mistakes or weaknesses are not going to be incorporated into the official TSB catalog.
But BMW does have a whole procedure for reinforcing the rear subframe mounting points. One procedure if damage is minimal, another if damage is extensive. This was incorporated like 10 years after the creation of the E46.

If you think window regulators fail only on E46s, you'd be mistaken. Also considering window regulators go probably 10 years between failures, I really wouldn't worry about them much. When it does fail, BMW has a procedure for replacing it, just like every other part.

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