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Originally Posted by pauljcl View Post
From what I read elsewhwere, "COP" is short for "Coil on Plug" and efers to the control of the coils on the spark plugs (as opposed to in a central box) that BMW uses. (?)
No, these guys are just guessing and that's the best they could do. ALL BMW's come with the individual coils on the plugs. What idiot would think they (BMW) would put this on an 'option' chart. Your car can't run with out them. :>) just like a starter or alternator or water pump. just plain silly. I'm pretty sure this is an acronym for the telephone control, maybe "communications option package" or something similar. Why would they put "control unit" on a coil? Crazy man. You got to remember too that this package has voice recognition Incorporated into it. You can give commands to call, make memos, enter numbers, etc. I think there's about 8-10 voice commands that this system recognizes. Pretty cool stuff. Some how this is also integrated with the on board nav. system if you have that option as well, which BTW, you don't. It's not on your option list. Find your PIN# & you can pair your phone with this system & every time you get into the car, it will pair & copy your phone book to make calls. My PO had it unplugged at the COP unit to disable it. Once I plugged it back in, I could get it to pair with my Samsung.
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