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Camshaft Position Sensor? Need Help!

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by.
Recently I got a new code and several new symptoms that my car never had before.

I start with the codes:
P0313 - Misfire... I had that before... Still can't rid of it, but I am not really concerned about it much.
P0365 - Camshaft Position Sensor B Bank-1... Now this one is new! I never had it before.
P0430 - Catalyst Eff... I had this one for a while... Couldn't figure out the reason... Some say, O2 sensors, others say exhaust leak... Couldn't find exhaust leak... so probably just need to change the O2s.

Anyway, P0365 is a new code and here are the symptoms that I started having:
1. Between 55 and 65 mph, car starts shaking very noticeably.
2. Acceleration! Sometimes it is awesome... just like any Bimmer should be, but sometimes is it horrible! You press on the gas and press... and nothing... and then suddenly the rpm just flies through the roof.
3. When I break, the car gets shaky sometimes.
4. Sometimes, rarely, I have a bad start, kind of hesitated.

Now, I had a bad oil leak from my VC. And on the camshaft seonsor, was a little oil... I cleaned it out thoroughly with the electrical cleaner though... but it didn't solve the problem.

My Vanos seals are new, fuel filter is new, fuel pump new, spark plugs new, coil boots new, VCG, oil separator, NO vacuum leaks, oil is fresh... Just in case for you guys to know lol

If anyone has ever had this P0365, please chime in. If anyone knows of symptoms of bad cam sensor B bank 1, whatever that is... chime in!

Thanks in advance!
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