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Originally Posted by Rush4theYehO View Post
That thing is gorgeous!! $210?!?!?!?! A gorgeous piece like that i'd have expected some more zeros on the end. VERY nice!!

No I got the K98 WWI Mauser for $210. Can't say what I got the Luger for but it was a great deal. All matching numbers ones with military markings are not cheap, best part is....this one is a shooter!!!

The mag in the gun is a replica but works. The one in the presentation case is a WWII Luger FXO with Waffen markings. That mag alone is not cheap. I do have a replica wood bottom magazine on the way for the gun though so it looks original to the time of WWI instead of the WWII mags. This thing was fun to strip down and clean. It is built about as tight at my Kimber Custom 1911. The Germans really made these Lugers very well. They are a form of art. As far as shooting 7 yards, pretty accurate once you get used to the sights. Feels GREAT in your hands with the degree the grip is designed at. Nice, heavy gun. Does great with Winchester White box 9mm.
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