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Not to throw water on this idea...

...but isn't Bayonne awfully near where Dandy inflicted a lot of damage?

222K isn't necessarily too many miles on an engine. My working assumption is that any car that is a dozen+ years old and pushing a quarter million miles is going to need attention.

Like when I took my car with 220K (a DD) to the airport. I intended to leave it there for 2 weeks. It ended up staying there for 6 weeks. Started right up without needing a jump. Alas, the rear main seal failed about 12 miles into the (180 mile) drive home. It was annoying and to have to stop to add a quart of oil every 25 miles! Lesson: older cars need to be run to keep everything properly lubricated.

BTW, that engine ran more than another 100K (did the oil pump while in there), without needing any further attention.
While this didn't stop me from getting home, it was aggravating and all those stops certainly added time to the trip. I'm not saying at all that this will happen, but, this is an example of something that wouldn't necessarily stop you in your tracks, but would be very inconvenient. If this were to occur on the way to St. Louis, for example, you would run through a tank full of oil getting there. And 17 gallons of any oil is a lot of money and would still need to be fixed once you arrive.

That car ran another 100+K without further engine work, and all we did at the time was replace the seal and oil pump, since we were there.

In short, as someone mentioned, there can be nothing more expensive than a cheap BMW. The car may very well be fine. Just do your due diligence before purchase.
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