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Iv been looking for a 330ci for what seems like forever. Of course I want one with less miles, If anyone has one I'm still looking. But to have a base model with less miles or the opportunity to have a ZHP with more is a tough decision. If you know the differences between the two going for a ZHP is a no brainer. I don't mine the mileage to much because its a clean car and I know it has been well taken care of, plus most of the minor things have already been replaced. So it sounds good but in the back of my mind I'm still a little scared. So any advice would be great, thanks.
Considering my ZSP was bought @ 193K and It's running fine at 200 atm, I would say go for it, BUT with all e46's check the service history. I'm literally having to do EVERYTHING on my car because it has NO service history whatsoever. also, take out the gauges. check if any lights are taped up or so, a few people have reported that when they were doing the red needle/ chrome gauge ring mod, that they saw the airbag light, check engine light, etc. was taped so the light wouldn't shine through.

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Spends $2000 on car DVD + stereo -> Running 25000 mile oil changes and 87 gas with blown shocks
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