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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Wanganstyle, that looks promising! So are you now offering the E30/36 LSD into an E46 casing along with the other options?
Yes thanks for asking.

This unit and a parallel built unit with a billet top cap are going to Asia for a pair of NON-M E39/E46 500/600 rwhp (turbo/supercharged) Inline-6 cars. I had a few extra case units milled and setup for future use if customers wish to order builds using the OEM BMW ZF LSD units.

The ZF Oem option is good for those who want a clutch diff that will drive like OEM and have factory service intervals. The OEM ZF LSD
Unit is quite modular so can be adapted to various configurations of the same chassis. It's also good for those who own a e30/36 as then some setting parts can be shared between the cars in the owners stable.

This pictured unit is for LOW ratio cars (turbocharged 528i gt35r). Final drive: 2.93 - not commonly avail but will also fit: 2.65, 3.07

The parallel unit being built will be for 3.64 ratio and 3.15-4.10 final drive ranges (HIGH ratio). Most naturally aspirated cars with higher rpm redlines and original dna engines will be in this range.
Billet Original CNC LSD for 188K

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