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Twice the horsepower of a ZHP...

This weekend, the good folks as that other German car company have loaned me a vehicle that's both crazy fast...and just plain crazy.

That would be an AMG G63, an SUV with a 550 horsepower hand built V8.

The car has plenty of limitations on-road--numb steering, high center of gravity, overworked brakes--but one blip of the throttle and you forget all about it.
The engine, made from start to finish by a guy named Sacha Puckert, makes such a glorious noise that it's hard not to floor it even in town...and then watch pedestrians turn around in fear/confusion/annoyance.

Needless to say, I was the cool dad this weekend to my 16-year-old son's friends who took time out from Halo 4 to cruise in the freshly dubbed Swag Mobile.

I almost want one. Too bad that at $135,000, it's as much as two new M3s.
And that I can't even afford a used 325. But for another 36 hours, I get to dream at least.

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