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Ok fair enough, but why do people then have a problem with a Christmas tree being called a Christmas tree or a nativity scene at a public building. From what I understand we have freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion. I have seen menorahs in government buildings so they are not playing favorites. I watched oreilly where he had that atheist dude on who is crying in rhode island. Now they want all these nativity scenes removed from public areas. This goes back to freedom from. Based in my understanding, any and all religions are free to demonstrate in a public building. If the atheists wanted to put a giant "A" or even a festivus pole and were denied, I would completely understand their beef. That would mean the government is playing favorites with religion allowing one and not another. However, just wanting the removal or someone else's seems wrong to me. I'm Jewish and like Christmas. It's a pleasant time of year. I like what it stands for. I like the pretty lights. I like the decorations and nativity scenes. I like being told merry Christmas by strangers. It's nice. I don't understand why so many have a problem with it. As commercialized as the US is, I find it hard to believe that people think Christmas in a religious sense.

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