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Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
It seems you are unhappy with BMW about this, but lets keep not get too far off track. I am debating when to replace these parts because I think the advice given is wasteful, not debating that parts never fail.
Let's focus here, you wrote: BMW doesn't list "replace the entire cooling system when you feel like it" in their service booklet for a reason; you don't need to.
And I took issue with your conclusion, not with anything BMW ever did, said, or made. That BMW doesn't say something does not prove you don't need to do it. They don't say replace your VCG, but many do because they have a finite life whereupon they begin to leak. BMW does not say to replace your radiator hoses but many do because when they get up in age, they will burst. They don't say to replace your DISA valve, but it is advisable because in some instances they fall apart and the steel pin falls into the valves.
So need is a matter of individual choice, not for you to say it's never valid to interpret things that way. Tell the owner whose car warps a head that he didn't need to replace cooling system parts. If you don't want to do anything prophylactically, so be it, but no one knows which cars needs this care in advance.
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