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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
Well if you want to be really cheap just run without front sway bar links.

Throw in some 87 from the no-name gas station and hit up pepboys for some Chinese tires.

I think you may be confused where you are. This is e46 fanatics. Note how it's not called e46 cheapskates or e46 hacks.

Best advice is to replace in pairs. Or sell and buy a chevy.
I hate to break it to you but most of you are what the industry consider hacks. This is not your day job. I don't mean hacks in a bad way though. I hack my way through computer problems all the time. The way you snipe me is why very few master techs want to come here and offer help. Keep that in mind when you bite the hands that try to feed you. I thinks a lot of people here are trying to fix their own cars to save some money. I sometimes actually resist helping you all as I know the crap it will bring. Good Day and spending more money than you have to as it will support our economy.

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