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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
I'd like to point out that it's more like 2.5x as much HP as the ZHP... and given that the ZHP has been out of production for a while I find it an odd reference!

I'm sure it was quick, but did it feel 550hp quick? Doesn't it weigh close to 3 tons?
I love the G-wagon..I find it's a love or hate thing. Amazing on the straights but not too good in the corners. The price is insane though but when compared with the G65, which is north of 200k, the G63 may seem like a bargin.
True dat, the ZHP reference was just a way to relate back to the E46. That said, I was walking in a crowded mall parking lot, and I didn't see another car that could come within 150 HP of the g63.

Yeah, it's plenty quick, but not like 1.7 M3s quick. It feels much faster when you're paddle shifting it--in automatic mode there's often a significant lag.

I drove a bunch of other AMG cars in Germany--a c63, SL63, and the awesome SLS--and they were blazingly quick. That said, the side pipe exhausts on this sound glorious, like a Sprint Cup car.

Kwando, you pretty much nailed it. Fun just to rev the engine hot rod style--it's pretty cool to be scaring passengers going only 40 mph.

But the center of gravity is so high and it's so heavy that you have to proceed with caution in the corners.

The place the G really shines is off road. The Mercedes test drivers scared the pants off me blasting down singletrack mountain trails at 60 mph, literally catching air off the bumps.

I'm in the "love it" camp, although I think this would really have to be your fourth car or something and if you can afford a $135,000 toy, then te salute, Don Corleone.

ZHP: I've never driven the defender, but with a 250 hp engine it's really a different kind of beast than the g63. I can imagine this thing would be ponderous with a normal amount of horsepower.

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