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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
Movies, TV, art, music, politics - all accepted means of disparaging Christians. This is a national trend, not some yankee NY thing. You can't run around calling catholics pedophiles and making magic underwear jokes then freak out when someone makes a turban or yarmulke joke.
That blade cuts both ways.

Movies, TV, art, music, politics - all accepted means of promoting Christians.

Movies, TV, art, music, politics - all accepted means of evangelizing to non-Christians.

You can't run around telling everyone that your god is the one true god and if you dont accept that you'll be tortured for all eternity and then freak out when people who disagee do so publically and adamantly.

I agree that there shouldn't be different standards for criticism of any religion, but such is the modern state of things between the majority and various minorities. Maybe it's payback for the centuries when the opposite was true.

Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Ok fair enough, but why do people then have a problem with a Christmas tree being called a Christmas tree or a nativity scene at a public building. From what I understand we have freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion. I have seen menorahs in government buildings so they are not playing favorites. I watched oreilly where he had that atheist dude on who is crying in rhode island. Now they want all these nativity scenes removed from public areas. This goes back to freedom from. Based in my understanding, any and all religions are free to demonstrate in a public building. If the atheists wanted to put a giant "A" or even a festivus pole and were denied, I would completely understand their beef. That would mean the government is playing favorites with religion allowing one and not another. However, just wanting the removal or someone else's seems wrong to me. I'm Jewish and like Christmas. It's a pleasant time of year. I like what it stands for. I like the pretty lights. I like the decorations and nativity scenes. I like being told merry Christmas by strangers. It's nice. I don't understand why so many have a problem with it. As commercialized as the US is, I find it hard to believe that people think Christmas in a religious sense.
The govt should not be endorsing any religion.

1 - There is no need to use public spaces/resources to display religious materials. Those materials should be displayed at religious sites or private spaces.

2 - It's not practical to allow equal access to all religious views. Public spaces would be constantly used for the stuff, and some views would inevitably be marginalized because of the small number of their believers.

3 - The govt will inevitably be put in the position of judging the appropriateness of a religious view. Call it the Satan test. When Devil worshippers want to put up a display promoting sin, decadence and evil, will it be embraced and given the same treatment as everyone else? Or will they be treated differently based on the content of their message?

Minimizing govt involvement with religion is in everyone's best interest, especially the religions themselves.
We will not tolerate intolerance.
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