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Originally Posted by M3_POWER View Post
That's awesome man. I'm thinking about doing a lateral transfer to EOD.
Dunno how easy or difficult if possible it would be if you really are a fly boy... BUT, theyre instructors here that went from SEALs to EOD, and a few students with Ranger tabs and stuff like that.
From what i understand, to come into EOD from almost anywhere is doable, as its critically manned, but if your job is already a high demand critical job, you might actually have to EAS and then switch. Ive heard of a guy that did that a few years ago as the SEALs wouldnt let him transfer. So i dunno how the fly boy stuff works, BUT, expect to catch a lot of flack if you do, as it seems most techs dont like flyboys.... at least, thats the vibe i get.
We lost a tech last year too that was a RECON Marine then went EOD. so its doable, but with what it costs to become a pilot, i dont think they'd like your idea of abandoning them.

Id say a good 50%-60% of the students here are lat moves.
Marine corps you have to be a E4 about to be E5 or E5, so all of them are coming from somethign else. Some of the Navy guys are lat moves, the rest seem to be BUD/S washouts or pipe liners. AF and Army have boots as well as lat moves, but mostly boots. id guess 3-4 lat moves for every boot.

Also, as a zero, your EOD career is short, Corps doesnt have many, most were enlisted then warrants, then full zeros. AF, you have to an Engineering degree im told, because they fall under the Engineering side, and blah blah....
Army officers seem to come from wherever, and Navy, im not so sure how their officer side works, but what i see and hear from talking to them, is you do EOD from 01-like 03, and then when youre about to pin 04, if you dont get lucky and get a high position in a EOD type deal, they send you back to the engineering side of the house.

There are very few crab wearers that are 04 and higher from what i see. As its just a short path for EOD officers, and not a lot of need for Majors and higher it seems.
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