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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
wow...putting words in my mouth. major fail

when did I say a Pilot job isn't technical?

I will say this much though...back in the old days being a fighter pilot means much more. you basically have to "have the right stuff." now they make exceptions and gives waivers to people. for example, back in the old days you must have 20/20 vision but now they give our waivers to people with LASIK/PRK surgery.
You made an implication that because EOD jobs are technical, that being a pilot is less, including that a pilot couldn't handle the technicals of EOD school. I can feel safe saying that if a pilot can handle the technicals of being a pilot, i'm sure they can handle the technicals of going to EOD.

So I didn't have to put words in your mouth for that - we all can read between the lines. So you did it yourself.

Secondly, if the standard is 20/20 vision, and laser corrective surgery makes a person 20/20, whats your point? They meet the standard. So who cares. Back in the "old days" they didn't have laser corrective surgery. Now they do.

Where it really matters, once a person get past the flight medical requirements, is the academics and challenges at flight school. That's where the "right stuff" is really proven.

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