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Originally Posted by pauljcl View Post
Yes, I cannot find out how to remove the carpet... the 'box' that contains the folded top seems to hold it in place securely, and I cannot find 'pins' to pull out, so that the carpet is free. So close, yet so far..... Maybe I'll just cut into the carpet around the 'lump' (I assume the 'lump' is where the COP unit is) and see if I can reach it that way.... then re-glue the carpet..... It sucks but may work....
Do not cut the carpet! Try this:
1. Remove spare tire cover.
2. Remove drivers side black plastic storage tray
3. Remove DS rear tail light cover
4. Remove 2-3 plastic pins holding the DS side carpet in place & remove the side carpet from the trunk.
5. You should be able to pull the DS carpet that is up against the rear seat & bend it out of the way to expose COP unit. If you need to, replace the spare tire cover so you can get into the rear & see the info on the COP unit. Hopefully, the PIN# is on it. I'm pretty sure it is.
Here's a video to show you MOST of the work. Once this far, (side carpet removed), it allowed me to pull the pins holding the rear seat cover carpet & peel the carpet back enough to get access to the COP
'05 330ci

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