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Do I just have a bad D99 Android unit? Bought an e46 that had it installed, but it was flaky:
- Could only get a wifi signal about once out of every 10 times using the unit
- Screen flickers at times
- Settings like wallpapers and stuff seem to disappear from time to time
- No connections for Aux, iPod, RCA

To fix I tried the following:
- Hard reset the unit using the front reset button
- Flashed the Android ROM with the latest ROM from the Dynavin site
- Pulled out the unit and reinstalled the Belkin N Wireless USB dongle
- Noticed In and Out connectors for RCA/Aux connections were not connected in the back (missing) and that there was nothing plugged into iPod connection (unit only had USB)

Lastly, just now the Micro SD card drive is not holding the cards anymore, so they are just getting pushed back out.

Any thoughts on this or is this a loss?
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