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Originally Posted by M3_POWER View Post
Are you fawking kidding me? I never implied it would be as simple as just signing some papers and poof you're in. I said I was looking into it. I'm not telling people "hey, I'm switching to EOD after my sea tour." Also don't you ever question my integrity towards my job. Maybe I feel the need to do something that has a greater impact than the mission of my current platform.

My buddy did a "lateral transfer" from flying to being a Foreign Affairs Officer. Which did require a lot of paper work and the requirement to learn a new language at the Defense Language Institute.

So how about you sit behind your desk, keep playing COD and shut the fawk up. Maybe you would gain a little more respect on this forum if you were a bit more humble and had actual real world experience instead of being a keyboard warrior.
wow...I need to talk to your buddy. He gave up his wings just to be a military attache to some US embassy on some third world countries? Was he a cargo pilot or something because I heard that among the aviator world, cargo pilots are considered 2nd class citizen.

anyhow...mad props to your buddy for going to Monterey bay (Presidio). I got married in Carmel so I am very envious. I applied to NPS but didn't get accepted.

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