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Originally Posted by DimitriGregorio View Post
Actually that's a good point! I did that at first. I was really excited for him so I recommended to go to a racing course at limerock racetrack. He somehow took this as offense to his "driving skills" and told me he doesn't need any lessons. He then begins telling me he wants my help teaching him to drive a manual. That's when I knew he wasn't ready for the car. He thinks he's a pro driver. Cockiness + m3 zcp = crash.
You've done all you could. Its his turn for the initiation of young drivers, albeit in an M3. But in all seriousness the m3 is a grocery getter if the driver wants it to be. If he pushes it, that's on him. Maybe he'll just go over a curve and do a little damage and that'll teach him to appreciate what he has. The car is pretty safe, and the dsc is amazing. I know there is a chance of serious harm, but its more likely he'll lose the car and not himself.

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