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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
The government doesn't endorse any religion. The government serves the will of the people. If the "people" want to put a christmas tree in a public area, they have the right. If they want a menorah, they have the right. Again, I am Jewish, and do not associate a christmas tree or the word christmas with a religion. It is just a commercial American holiday. THe majority of American people, irrespective of their religion like christmas and want christmas trees and such. The will of the people (the majority) must be respected.
The govt serves the will of the people as long as it does not violate the constitution. As long as the govt allows all religious representations, then there is no preferential treatment. However, this includes representations that are not mainstream. (aka the satanists argument).

Trees are easy for people to get around. They call them holiday trees or some other such non-specific designation.

It is the nativity scenes that are usually the biggest point of contention. They are clearly religious and of a specific religion. Not a problem, but, when other groups or individuals wish to use the same facilities for "pagan" scenes, it is usually the christian churches which are the most up in arms. Local govt has faced this problem. They picked the no use by any religious organization instead of use by any religious organization. The former is often less headache and drama than the latter.
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