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Originally Posted by m3freak86 View Post
Ok, first off, do some research and take a look at my journal on m3forum.

1. Interior was changed since I sold the cinnnamon off when I put race seats in the car. I was on the way to building it to be a track car, so I sold the cinnamon, traded for black. Reason why the interior is black. No hidden stories here. Everything is stated in the first post and all over my journal on m3forum.

2. The pictures are 10000% my pictures. Took them from my iphone on my lunch break from work at my own home about 3 weeks or so ago. Not sure why you would think they are not mine? You can clearly see the carbon wrapped trim in picture 6. The SMG dome is wrapped in black dinoc vinyl and the trim/plate/window switch area is wrapped in CF.

3. Everything is listed (description, pictures, etc.) are 1 million percent accurate and true. Not sure where you can come off posting false remarks in regards to my own personal car. I do take offense to this as you have no idea what you are talking about and have absolutely no factual information to back up your sayings. I suggest doing a bit of research before trying to come into my thread and posting false statements.

If you have an issue, please PM me.
Hey I ment nothing bad....i had not intention to say something that might make u feel bad - sorry.
No more comments here - good luck with the sale,great car for great price

p.s: now the newc pics u uploaded are much greater than the ones - where the interior was on a MANUAL SHIFT car...and please dont offend me of not being able to make difference between SMG and manual
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