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Originally Posted by k2pilot View Post
Oh this is way later, it'll have to come after I get a home capable of housing this menagerie of vehicles.

Yeah you don't want anything too fancy, assuming you use the vehicle the way it was actually intended and offroad it, you don't want to get mud and dirt all over some snazzy seats.

However the AMG interior is pretty gorgeous,
It smells better than it looks. So much leather it's like a cow exploded in there.
But the best part is the doors. Unbelievably solid. I could just stand there and open and close them. Nothing else like them.

Cool. Say hello to Peter Egan if you meet him. I love that guy's work.
I don't work in the office--and neither does Peter--but I'm a huge fan, and I can't wait to say hello for myself. I got to spend some time with the great Sam Posey for the Fitch story, and I was like a 12-year old girl with One Direction in town.
I hope to do work that'll help carry on their legacy.
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