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Originally Posted by Solidjake View Post
Let him get it and mess up the car.
I second that! I also would like you to know that it doesn't matter if he knows how to drive the car at that age because of this.

-Even if he can "handle it" he will THINK he is much better than he is
-In HIS mind he is VERY mature and knows more
-Immaturity + ego + M3 + free car = bad
-I'd be jelous as hell, but being jelous doesn't mean that him getting that car isn't STUPID.

The bottom line is a 17 year old KID with a daddy that will buy him an E46 M3, pay to maintain it and all he has to do is drive it means...

Ok I'm done, this is stupid. Kids gonna wreck the car and kill himself, others or both so whatever.
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