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Originally Posted by DimitriGregorio View Post
I decided to stop trying to steer him away from the m. I told him about maintenance costs, insurance, gas, and recommended some driving schools. I wonder how this will pan out but hopefully he won't be too stupid..
Well, at least you care enough to try to warn him. It may work out fine for him. Probably won't work out well for the car, though.

This is how a 12-14k M3 is made. Kid gets car, doesn't understand or can't afford the maintenance that has to be done. Car start to run like crap after it's been mechanically neglected. Kid goes to the dealer and gets a repair quote that makes his heart stop. Car goes on craigslist for $13k.

But hey, maybe they'll live happily ever after. At least you can pester him about doing maintenance.

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