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Thank you, guys, for your replies. I appreciate it very much.
Steve, I just checked the passenger seat belt. It is operating just fine, no obvious problem with it. Why do you think it has to be changed? Anyway, thank you for your kind offer. So, you suggest I have to cut out both airbags (the head and the side door ones). But where should I put the duct tape? Do you mean on the door to seal back that little window for an airbag? I will do it today, I don't want to be ticketed or pulled off the road. You mentioned that modules can be reprogrammed. Would it be cheaper than the new ones and safer in terms of correct operation? Could you please let me know whom I can contact with regard to module reprogramming? I found airbags on this website ( To get the head and the side ones cost about $650-700, which is quite expansive for me and plus labor cost? It will be way expansive. Do you think reprograming will be cheaper? I'm not letting anybody to sit on the front seat, so I'm safe with it .
@ BBBoy323i: I'm not letting my parents know about my accident. They live abroad and I don't want them to worry more, because they are nervous anyway that I'm driving such a fast car. Plus, they are gonna help me out to cover my debts, which I took when buying this car . So, I'm trying to deal with it by myself with help of friends.
Guys, any thoughts about the clock got off. Can it be due the airbag deploy?
Thanks again for your replies.
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