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Originally Posted by TickleMyPickle View Post
There was nobody on the road, nobody in my car, but im a menace to society?
Can you explain to me how speeding is immature?
Wow, your car drove itself with “nobody” in your car? And how did the cop catch you if he wasn’t on the road, too? Perhaps “immature” is not as descriptive a word as “stupid” to describe what you did.

The NSP and SSP were originally designed to discourage high-speed travel, as well as to prevent buses and other mass transit vehicles from coming out from NYC. Very easy to slam into bridges, trees, and other cars at close to normal speeds, and one imbecile traveling slow in the left lane on purpose will end your trip pretty quick. While you might deserve to be accordioned like the Coyote in the Roadrunner cartoons, the poor soul you hit when you find yourself bearing down on him after whipping around one of the many curves on those roads, probably won’t. Grow up.
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