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The govt should not be endorsing any religion.

1 - There is no need to use public spaces/resources to display religious materials. Those materials should be displayed at religious sites or private spaces.

2 - It's not practical to allow equal access to all religious views. Public spaces would be constantly used for the stuff, and some views would inevitably be marginalized because of the small number of their believers.

3 - The govt will inevitably be put in the position of judging the appropriateness of a religious view. Call it the Satan test. When Devil worshippers want to put up a display promoting sin, decadence and evil, will it be embraced and given the same treatment as everyone else? Or will they be treated differently based on the content of their message?

Minimizing govt involvement with religion is in everyone's best interest, especially the religions themselves.

I will fight to keep religious out of/off government properties and facilities with equal ardor to allow them on the church/temple/mosque/shrine next door to said government facility.

The will of the people (the majority) must be respected.
Not necessarily this.
A way-overly simplistic interpretation of "democracy," conflating it with majoritarianism -- mob-rule if you will. One of the core principles of our democracy is the inviable right of the individual, often to be protected from the depradations of a majority. Our individual rights are not something conferred upon us by a grant from some majority but rather, are inherent to each one of us.

This psuedo "War on Christmas" is ridiculous on the face of it, as is the notion of trying to somehow erase Christmas from the public sphere. I'd challange anyone to even try to avoid Christmas for more than a minute, starting in about October, in that it has so saturated our public sphere, as any stroll through any shopping mall will show.

Again, I'll make the distinction between the broader public sphere and the more specific case of government facilities and institutions, i.e., the mall or church steps vs. the courthouse steps. Binding the public/government together with sacred and religious institutions has such a high risk of being corrupting of both that the wisest, most prudent strategy is to keep each other at arm's length of further.
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