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Since I never got any pics, I just wanted to share how I approached my install. My main goal was to take up as little trunk space as possible, for it to be in the ski pass, but to be able to fit the factory armrest back on. My box was a little different than most because I wanted the shortest depth and I was worried about the excursion of a 8w7 would not let me put the armrest back on the way most of you normally mount it. And this was the simplest design I could come up with. Basically it is a rectangular box with two 3/4 mdf spacers on it cut out the same pattern as the ski pass. Pretty impressed with the bass that this little 8" puts out.

Pics of the box unfinished now. I painted the front black, and I'm going to carpet the other sides once I find some carpet that matches the trunk carpet.

Stupid iPhone pics, will get out the DSLR later and take better quality pics.

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