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Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post
how long ago did you buy it?

i'm pretty set on getting the canon 28mm f1.8
amazon just emailed me a 10% off code for purchases over $100
and it works fine on the lens sitting in my shopping cart
plus free 2 day shipping with prime trial
so basically makes up for the CA sales tax and save me a few bucks on top
and the price difference between the new one and a used one is about $50-60 so i will go with the new and not worry about buying someone else's problem

for the 10-22mm i will probably go with used since there is a bigger price difference between new and used
I have no idea....maybe 4 or 5 years ago? It's been awhile. And you're wanting the 10-22 now too? I'd look at the 17-40 before you make a decision. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my 10-22 and it rarely ever leaves my camera but for the same price you get L glass and a lens that will work with FF whenever you move up.
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