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to watch in 48 FPS or not?

The problem with doubling the frame-rate in The Hobbit is a problem of scrutiny; you can see all its tricks.

When The Hobbit looks bad, it looks really bad, chiefly during action sequences where CG creatures are featured against non-CG backdrops. One scene stands out in particular, where a group of CG wargs (giant wolf-like creatures) chase our group of non-CG heroes across a grassy plain. The wargs look like CG wargs, while the dwarves look like Richard Armitage et al running around a....well, a grassy plain. Our heroes look so real and present in that field, that the creatures look impossibly artificial in comparison. There's irony that such technical sophistication (and indeed, state-of-the-art-CG-effects) have wound up looking like a film student's first stab at combining practical effects with digital.

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