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I forgot about the one that bothers me the most, maybe one of you can relate:

Before I do anything, even something trivial like walk to another room, I do a quick mental check of the most efficient way of doing it. Say I'm walking into a room to get something. I'll quickly think, is there anything else that needs to be done in there? Oh yeah, I need to charge my phone. where's my phone? Would it be quicker to walk to the room, get what I need, walk back, look for the phone, and then charge it? Or would I be better off looking for the phone now so I don't have to make two trips to the room? How long will it take to look for the phone now? How important is that thing I have to get?

Whenever I get things from the refrigerator or pantry I'll get irritated if I don't get everything I need at once because otherwise I'm wasting time having to go back and get what I left the first time, even though it might only be a matter of turning around.

Throwing things in the trash can: Would it be quicker to toss what I have here or will I have more trash when I'm done doing whatever it is I'm doing? Should I just wait and throw everything away at once?

This all happens in a couple seconds or less, but it gets really old.

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