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school me tire sizes grip handling square v staggered

I've seen so many threads that have a lot of information on tires from brand to sizes and best results on X type of racing and most are usually about 1/4 dragging or 60-130 pulls or some form of straight line street/(mexico) racing, etc. I'm looking for the Ideal tire size that will give me grip (turbo m3) can be driven on street/track hpde type events and if caught in the rain wont send me flying into a wall while just trying to make it back the garage.
I have another set of wheels/tires for normal driving conditions but as my m3 isnt my daily driver and when pulled out will be spirited driving or track events when will i ever use these wheels? Which is why I decided to post this up. Below are the details of my current rims as well as questions additional questions.

Wheels: CCW LM20 18x9.5 18x11 for too long I've seen too many people use their classics for stanced cars (i'm one of these people except for using lm20s) and never seen anyone really use these wheels on the track. Whats the reason for this? If anyone can shine some light I'm totally open to learning something I didnt know and will consider another wheel if there's some logical reasoning behind it. Obviously this setup is staggered and seems not to be the recommended setup to run, THIS also arises many questions.

Staggered M3 v Square M3? What are the pros and cons of this for someone as myself considering my goals and type of driving the car will be subject to.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read my post and contribute useful information to this thread. My car is about to be built and I'm trying to pick up the right items first so this post will definitely be the deciding factor in my future purchase.
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