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Originally Posted by Paulscustom View Post
Yes! Make sure both of you are ready. 12 relationships before settling down is what the experts say. Just remember that it gets much harder and is a lot more work than dating. You have to be able to accept their faults. That goes both ways.
That has nothing to do with it. My dad had dated 3 chicks, and mom 1 guy. They have been married 30 years. My grandparents dated no one except each other. 55 years this past year. I dated/hooked up with 27 women before settling down with my x wife. It lasted 5 years. It does not matter how many people you date. It comes down to this and in this order:

1: How much do you have in common? This a real big one. TV, Sports, Movies, Food likes, does she like cars? ETC

2: Is she lazy? Really think this one out. How long has she had her current job? Is she a job hopper? Unless you make choo choo money, you need to make sure she can help you both make it if it leads to marriage. It takes a lot of money to survive in this world. I learned this the hard way.

3: Make sure and I stress this big time she has no past issues. Talk to her parents if it gets serious. I learned this one the hard way.

4: How does she keep house? Again if you walk into her apartment or room and its messy, you better believe that is how it is going to be if you move in together, or get married.

5: Does she have debts? Do really want this going into marriage? No!!!

6: Is she a known cheater? Ask her about her past, see if it seems like she is hiding anything. Most chicks are easy to read.

7: Is she close to her family? This will tell you a lot about a chick.

8: Looks and this should be your last thing on the list. I am not saying marry a dog or a fat chick, just make sure all of the above is in check first. You do not want to end up in divorce like did. I was to young and so was my x wife to get married. I wish I would have listened to this same advice back when I knew it all.
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