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Originally Posted by ride365 View Post
It's true, I wasn't specific about traction control versus stability control. Stability would be best, but I guess I've got some homework to do.

Buying a car for a teenage/new driver... just wanting to include safety precautions in the equation.
Look into the Tire Rack Teen Street Survival program. They run a one day session where the kid learns some basics in a classroom, then they go out to a skidpad or autox type location and learn what the abs feels like, how to threshold brake, what an emergency lane change fees like, all in their own car. Then they put you on a wet skidpad and have the kids try to make figure 8's and control the understeer. They do more stuff too but I can't remember. The program is cheap, quick, fun, and educational. It can also bring your insurance down.

Personally I think driver education and experience is much more valuable than having the right stability control.

Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
New driver? Buy something relatively large, safe, and slow. Traction control is completely useless if someone is driving around like a maniac. A 4 banger accord is an excellent first car. A subaru is nice as well if you want the security of AWD.
I wouldn't want a large car as a first car Its just that much more mass to deal with, and a bigger thing to control and keep on the road.

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This fool is running a Honda S2000
What's wrong with an S2000? It's like a cheaper, more reliable, and more hardcore version of an M3.

Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
I got 100K under the hood brah. You jelly?
GhostFlame's avatar says HPF....

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