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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
Look into the Tire Rack Teen Street Survival program. They run a one day session where the kid learns some basics in a classroom, then they go out to a skidpad or autox type location and learn what the abs feels like, how to threshold brake, what an emergency lane change fees like, all in their own car. Then they put you on a wet skidpad and have the kids try to make figure 8's and control the understeer. They do more stuff too but I can't remember. The program is cheap, quick, fun, and educational. It can also bring your insurance down.

Personally I think driver education and experience is much more valuable than having the right stability control.
Yes, I'm a big fan of the Teen Survival Program. In the Bay Area, our CCA runs a similar Car Control Clinic, which may have been the precursor to Tire Rack's program. I'm very familiar with it. My wife has done it and she's a great driver, but at the end of the rainy day I still enjoy the extra peace of mind that DSC on her car provides. All other factors accounted for, I would also like the same extra bit of safety technology for my kid.

I wouldn't want a large car as a first car Its just that much more mass to deal with, and a bigger thing to control and keep on the road.
Of all the things NFR mentioned, large is the only thing I disagree with. It's a trade off though... momentum works both ways.
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