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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
You're picking words/sentences out of context and assembling them into your own vignettes and creating your own story board.

My "that's not how the system works" is in reference to someone not being arrested because you believe that he's innocent. Not in reference to someone not being innocent because he was arrested. So your lecturing me without understanding the context is totally off target.
If you want to be literal with words, at least have the decency of getting the context right.

On the highlighted above... that's total BS.
Of course everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So let everyone strongly advocate against the arrest of everyone that's been arrested and waiting for a trial, with the intensity that NFR and others are doing here. Let's call all cops and DAs a$$holes only after political points because they arrested someone that I believe is innocent.
That's a pathetic proposition.

Oh, I remember now... You're the guy who picks on words and misses the meaning.
I see it's pointless to discuss a complex topic with you.
Have a nice day.
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