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I was under the impression that it is nothing more than software. traction control on all cars is essentially the same. Computer tied to the brakes. The programming of the system is what's different. In BMW/Ferrari/Porsche, etc terms, dynamic means the system can have "levels" of intervention. On Ferraris, the software has 5 programs, (Race, Sport, Snow, etc.) Each one will let you get into a little more trouble before stepping in. Cars like Camry's have a "single program" system that is either ON or OFF.

With the exception of M cars, I was not aware BMW offered this on their regular models. I always thought it was also ON or OFF.
Originally Posted by B_Cyrus View Post

actually a lot of traction control systems are tied to throttle and will close it off if you lose traction.
On the non-M E46 you have half off, where I believe it just the stability control off and leaves higher intervention traction control on.

But for example in E36s the traction control is controlled by an extra "throttle body" that shuts to "reduce slippage"

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Traction control only affects the drive wheels. Stability control incoporates braking (including non drive wheels)

More complicated stability control programs will change suspension settings as well.

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Of all the things NFR mentioned, large is the only thing I disagree with. It's a trade off though... momentum works both ways.
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An e46
E39 (post 2000) or E46. A 325, 330, 525, 528, or 530 all will offer DSC, HPS and loads of safety. If it's automatic they aren't really quick at all either.

If it's a 528 make sure it's a 2000, otherwise it'll just have the awful ASC (traction control) like the E36.

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