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Originally Posted by M3_DU View Post
Living in Australia, this is quite obviously plastered all over the front page of our newspapers. However the sentiment of most people is, whilst accepting it is a tragic event, that there it was nothing more than a harmless prank with absolutely no intention of causing harm to any individual.

Pranks like these have been happening for a very long time and my personal opinion is she obviously made a mistake but I cannot believe how everyone has been sensationalising this episode. Even Prince Charles made a few light hearted comments about the prank and it simply wasn't that big a deal. I believe that behind the scenes she may have been absolutely berated or held accountable by the hospital which perhaps pushed her over the edge.

In terms of the legal side of things, there isn't anything that they can be held accountable for as has been ascertained already by lawyers.
Living in CA, that's my take on it. I dunno, as far as prank phone calls go, that was really, really mild by CA standards. Although this is the home of celebrities, even tiny hospitals are very careful about patient privacy because of our laws (such as HIPAA). Considering Britain's tabloid history and the fact that this particular hospital has a history of hosting famous people, I'm absolutely shocked that such a mild prank call even got through.

If she committed suicide, that's sad, but I'm not blaming those DJs for it. Even if that nurse's bosses were extra hard on her about it (which I kinda doubt, even if she were going to be fired for it), it wouldn't have ruined her career. The suicide is ultimately on her IMO.

The DJs putting that 14 yr old up to a lie detector and pressuring her to talk about her rape is FAR worse than this stunt.
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