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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
The USASOC Sniper Comp is geared towards combat conditions, and the for at least the last three years, semi-autos have dominated the competition over bold actions. The past two years have been won by LaRue OBRs, and I believe this year was also won by guys running LaRue OBRs. The M110 and Mk11 rifles perform very well in most portions, but the outright accuracy of rifles like the OBR and other custom .308 ARs is hard to beat. .308 ARs are printing equal accuracy to the M24 and M40 bolt guns, but they have a much faster rate of fire with a higher magazine capacity. For military applications on the battlefield, the .308 bolt gun is pretty much obsolete.
It's for this reason that the Army is transitioning all M24s over to .300 Win Mag or .338 Lapua, and the USMC is going to be moving away from the M40 and going to the Mk13 .300 Win Mag rifles. For the extreme long range game, bolt guns still rule, but they have to be in the heavier magnum calibers.

In civilian competitions, bolt guns are still the big winners, but nearly everyone winning is using a .260/6.5mm cartridge. .308 rifles are pretty much obsolete in civilian competitions, unless they're an action/steel challenge type comp.
For years I wavered on caliber choice as far as what I wanted to look for in a precision bolt gun, but I basically had narrowed it to .308, 30.06, and .300 winmag. I honestly don't know too much about the .260/6.5mm cartridge.

I personally decided that I'd set my sights on one in .300 winmag, the primary reason being that I felt that the .308 platform was transitioning away from bolt to SA battle rifles. I guess I was right. And I'm not surprised to hear that they are performing as well as they are and that they're replacing the bolt guns on the battlefield, at least in .308.

I'm tempted to build one myself, but its a tossup. I could build a really nice SA .308, but I would probably be in the $5000-6000 range with optics by the end of it i think. At that rate, I'm into new or very nearly new Accuracy International bolt money and I think that's where I'd rather spend it, though probably a bit foolish.

Originally Posted by HiHoBrian View Post
I wouldn't say its done,but at last it can be fired: Olympic Arms Preban lower,Vltor MUR-1 upper,Failzero BCG and hammer,Daniel Defence 16" midlength chf 1/7 barrel,DD Lite 14" rail,YHM flash hider,Troy Tritium BUIS,Raptor CH,Magpul ACS-L Mil stock,and AFG,Hogue grip,BAD ambi safety. I can't wait to shoot it.

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That looks great! Hopefully I'll start work on my NY fun gun soon...I have to secure a pre-ban receiver first. Looking at PWA at the moment.

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