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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
and there you have it. Acting Security Manager.

SSOs, at least for us, the term was synonymous with say for example, a Battalion S-2 since they took on security manager duties for the unit. They too had accounts.
A Battalion S-2 is almost always not an SSO, they may be an SSR, but not an SSO. The difference is that an SSO can read an individual onto TS/SCI caveats, where an SSR can not. Usually the SSOs are at Division level. At INSCOM they are at BN level there are a few other exceptions. I was an SSO for an INSCOM Army battlion, but it was a very unique case for a specific unit in Denver. 99.5% of the time your BN S2 is not an SSO.

Having JPAS does not make you an SSO. I have filled both of thoes boots

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