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Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
The bolded statements don't make sense.. You don't want cheaply made but your looking at del-ton. S&W is 10000x better then del-ton or dpms or olympic IMO. If you want a reasonably priced good ar15 check out the S&W M&P line. They will probably be your best bang for the buck in the 700-900 range. A little more money and you can get a nice colt for around $1100.
Troy has an ar15 for around $750 but I don't know much about it, maybe somebody else can chime in on hoping they didn't slap their name on complete junk. If it's like other troy products it should be a decent rifle. You can probably build a gun with a BCM upper for around 1000-1200 too which would be good.
I have found building a gun ends up costing a lot more, well in my experience at least.

the troy rifles i've seen are just del-ton rifles with troy accessories.

i agree with building rifles being more expensive. i started throwing together a "budget" rifle with a target of under $1000....but i cant keep myself away from noveske and bcm's websites so now my upper alone is on its way over 1k.
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