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If you buy a pre-built upper and pre-built lower, it's sort of defeats the purpose unless you are buying a specific upper for a specific purpose. I.E. you want a precision rifle so you buy an upper with a heavy stainless barrel and free float barrel, and you just need a lower to slap it onto.

Building a stripped lower is pretty simple, and there's not a whole lot to screw up. The one issue is that people don't stake the castle nut on carbines, and I've seen this turn out badly. Building an upper gets a lot more tricky depending on what you decide to put on the rifle. I would be more apt to recommend building a stripped lower and then buying a built upper.

If you wanted to stick with a built lower and built upper, you might as well just get a full rifle. The advantage of a full rifle is that everything on the rifle is test-fitted and designed to interact with everything else on the rifle.

Whatever you decide, understand that there are drastic quality differences across the board, and what you pay can be directly related to what you will get for quality. I could piece together a reliable AR for $800, but it's going to be VERY basic. The problem that you have right now is that the post-election hoard-a-thon has basically made all stock disappear. It's a craps shoot trying to find quality components.
Companies like Del-Ton and Palmetto State Armory use lower grade components, as do DPMS, Bushmaster, CMMG and a slough of others. There are ways to buy budget setups and still get quality components.

Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
The bolded statements don't make sense.. You don't want cheaply made but your looking at del-ton. S&W is 10000x better then del-ton or dpms or olympic IMO. If you want a reasonably priced good ar15 check out the S&W M&P line. They will probably be your best bang for the buck in the 700-900 range. A little more money and you can get a nice colt for around $1100.
Troy has an ar15 for around $750 but I don't know much about it, maybe somebody else can chime in on hoping they didn't slap their name on complete junk. If it's like other troy products it should be a decent rifle. You can probably build a gun with a BCM upper for around 1000-1200 too which would be good.
I have found building a gun ends up costing a lot more, well in my experience at least.

A S&W M&P15 is a far better investment than a Del-Ton.

I would be hesitant to consider the Troy setup. I also don't know a lot about it, but Troy is a good company and the other guns they've previously marketed in-house have been pretty good quality. The issue is that they've authorized Del-Ton and a couple other companies to sell Troy-equipped rifles as a collaborative effort, and I don't hold Del-Ton in high regard. If the in-house proprietary Troy rifle is a wholly different manufacturer or component than with the Del-Ton, it could possibly be a good purchase. I am just very wary of a $750 rifle with that many optional components. It's definitely not going to be a Grade 1 or Grade 2 rifle.
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